Athletic Info

  Graduation: Class of 2017
  Club: LONESTAR Soccer Club :98 Black
  High School: St. Stephen's Episcopal School
  Age: 18 Senior
  Height: 6' 1" Weight: 165 lbs

  Years Played: from 4 yrs old to present

My School

  St. Stephen's Episcopal School
  6500 St. Stephen's Dr.
  Austin, TX 78746

  St. Stephen's does not rank students or
    compute GPA

  ACT : 34
  National Hispanic Recognition Scholar

Awards and Recognition

  • Selected to the All Star Team with College ID Showcase (Summer 2015)
  • MVP Award US Revolution (Summer 2014)
  • Co-Captain US Revolution (Summer 2014)
  • Team Captain Lonestar Soccer Club Team(9TH,10TH,12TH)
  • Co-Captain Lonestar Soccer Club Team (11TH)