Athletic Info

  Graduation: Class of 2015
  Club: Austin Performance (AP)
    18 Viper
    Jersey Number: 17
  High School:
    St. Stephen's Episcopal School
    Jersey Number: 7
  Age: 18 Senior

  Dominant Hand: Right
  Height: 6' Weight: 135 lbs

My School

  St. Stephen's Episcopal School
  6500 St. Stephen's Dr.
  Austin, TX 78746

  St. Stephen's does not rank students or
    compute GPA

  Senior coursework includes:
    Advanced Biology
    Chinese IV
    English 12
  Honor Roll: Junior Year

Athletics, Honors, and Accomplishments

Club Volleyball

  • 2014-15 Austin Performance - 18 Vipers (AP)
    • Gold : Tour of Texas Warmup
    • 2nd in Gold Bracket : President's Day Challenge

  • 2013-14 Austin Performance - 17 Spartans (AP)
    • First Place: Eclipse #1, Eclipse #3, Austin Performance #1
    • Second Place: Mistletoe Madness, Battle of the Hornet's Nest
    • Cross Court Classic: 9th place
    • Lonestar Qualifier: 12th place
    • Lonestar Regional: 25th overall
    • Lonestar Classic: placed 16 out of 41

St. Stephen's Episcopal High School Volleyball

  • 2014-15 Senior Year
    • Southwest Preparatory Conference Champions 2014
    • Varsity MB

  • 2013-14 Junior Year
    • Southwest Preparatory Conference Division I - 3rd Place

Dalat International School Volleyball (Penang, Malaysia)

  • 2011-13 Fresh/Soph Year
    • MVP Varsity Volleyball
    • Silver Award and MVP at Dan Landry Tournament at Faith Academy in Manila, Philippines


  • 2013-14 Junior/Senior Year
    • Varsity Swim Team
    • 100 Free & Backstroke
  • 2011-13 Fresh/Soph Year
    • Varsity Swim Team
    • Bronze Medal in 100 Free at Malaysian State Games (MSSPP)

Clubs and Community Service

  • Member of Teen Trust at Dell Children's Hospital
  • Interfaith Hospitality Network, St. John's Methodist Church
  • Youth Leadership Council, Women's Symphony League
  • Earned Two Girl Scout Journey Awards
    • Sisterhood - working with a local network of women to conceptualize and develop a volunteer tourism website for SE Asia
    • Girltopia - Project focused on the sex traffic trade in SE Asia and developing personal boundaries for incoming high schoolers

St. Stephen's School Schedule 2014-15

AP Club Schedule 2014-15

Date Event Location
Dec 13 Mistletoe Madness Austin
Jan 13-4 TCS/TT Warm UP
Jan 18-19 Tour of Texas Qualifier San Antonio
Feb 14-15 President's Day Challenge Austin
Mar 14-15 Cross Court Houston
Mar 20-22 Mid East Qualifier
Mar 28 Tx Eclipse #2 Austin
April 3-5 NorthEast Nat Qualifier
April 17-19 Lone Star Classic Dallas
May 2-3 Lone Star Regionals Houston