Athletic Info

    Class of 2018 (May)
    Austin Juniors Volleyball
    17s Mizuno
    Playing UP one level
    Jersey Number: 22
    Outside Hitter
  High School:
    Westlake High School
    Jersey Number:
    Outside Hitter

  Age: 17 (Aug 19) Junior

  Height: 6' Weight: 140 lbs
  Dominant Hand: Right
  Reach: 7'7"
  Block Touch: 9' 6"
  Approach Touch: 10'

  NCAA ID: 1501976498

My School

  Westlake High School

Athletic Honors and Accomplishments

Club Volleyball

St. Stephen's Episcopal High School Volleyball

AJV Club Schedule 2015-16

Date Event Location
Jan 2-3 Tour Warm Up Austin
Jan 17-18 Tour Qualifier San Antonio
Feb 6-7 Tour Stop #2 Dallas
Mar 12-13 Tour Finals Houston
Mar 25-27 Northeast Qualifier Philadeplhia
April 8-10 Show Me Qualifier KC MO
April 22-24 Lone Star Classic Dallas
May 7-8 Lone Star Regionals Houston
June 11-12 SWNC Nationals Warm Up Austin